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ALPS Millennial is the flagship model of ALPS gateway, it is designed to serve large venues and public Hotspot. It can handle up to 20,000 concurrent devices depending on license subscriptions.

Having the ability to support more concurrent device means more bandwidth is needed. ALPS Millennial support Multi-WAN input to do WAN bonding to boost the bandwidth through output and do load-balancing. Its also can act as redundant WAN link which will switch over to different WAN resources should one of the link is fail which then will reduce downtime as minimal upon link failure.

This flagship gateway also carries a high performance computing system design to carry heavy operation with ease. Fast booting time is critical to support industries which allows only minimal downtime on their network.


ALPS Millennial is loaded with important network functionalities that enable you to visualize your network connectivity and performance. With ALPS gateway, control of your network has never been easier. Notable features include:

* Default Concurrent devices supported: 1000-10,000(Depending on Series)
* Maximum Concurrent devices supported via license upgrade: 20,000
* Customized Landing Page
* Management controls, data & user reporting
* Authentication by Service or Purchase Plans
* User Bandwidth Management
* Virtual LAN support
* Location tracking
* Walled Garden


ALPS Millennial comes with an admin dashboard that provides management with an easy interface to manage the network as well as modify network configuration easily and efficiently. ALPS Admin Portal is designed to be easy to use and to cut down the complexity involved with network configurations like locations and VLANs. Some of the advantages of ALPS Admin Portal are:

* VLANs Monitoring
* Realtime Bandwidth monitoring
* Content Managements
* User Managements
* System Health Monitoring


Regardless of any ALPS gateway models, it supports multiple authentication method ranging from traditional Username & Password to advanced social media login such as:

* Facebook
* Google
* Twitter

This advanced features are important for hotels, restaurants, airports, Campus and B2B business such as Hotspot solutions provider.


* Network interfaces: 2 x WAN (Max up to 4 x WAN ) | 1 x LAN
* Operating temperature: 0 to +50℃
* AC Input: 115~230V @ 60hz
* Power connector: 2 x Modular AC
* Dimension ( W x H x D ) (mm): 482 x 89 x 360 (2u)
* Weight: 8.25 KG

ALPS Millennial is designed to support large venues and more concurrent devices. To meet the requirements Millennial series gateway need to be able to handle more bandwidth, therefore all Millennial gateway version able to support multi WAN for load balancing purposes depending on customer demand.

Special Features

All ALPS gateway no matter what versions or models, will share the same DNA of advanced features that offered by ALPS systems. Below are some of the features of ALPS gateway system :

* Multi PMS support
Support many types of PMS version to work with existing hotels PMS system

* Plug and Play system
Requires only minimal changes on network to deploy.

* In Cloud ALPS management [Coming Soon]
Manage multiple properties or premises in one centralize cloud system

* Customize landing page on the fly
Easily customize landing page no professional skill required.

* Data analytics
Track no. of user visits and summarize the data for marketing references

*Security and standard enforcement with SSL certificate
Seamless integration with firewall SSL security certificates to enhanced security features